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harrisburg expressway at shawan road. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the u.s. government decided japan's safety zone is not big enough. >> there is new device for americans -- move back or get out. tracie potts is in washington with the details. >> it appears to be white smoke rising from the number 3 reactor. >> helicopters are now dropping water. >> we believe the containment has been destroyed. there is no water. >> that means nothing to prevent a meltdown. the japanese deny that. authorities believe it is is overheating. the u.s. believes radiation levels are extremely high. the state department now warns americans to consider leaving or least stay 50 miles away. 30 miles further than the japanese recommend. >> we advise americans to listen to the state department. >> 50 miles is not a safe in an emergency like that. >> president obama called japan's prime minister to promise continued support. there are new numbers on casualties. 23 injured, missing, or hospitalized at the plant. nearly 5200 dead. nearly 9000 still missing. the u.s. is not the only country with stronger warn
of attacks in the skies over libya is raising questions in the u.s. about why we are there in the first place. why the president is under attack in what some call an un fair mission. >> mukasey's supporters question the attack. >> it is a base that does not have weapons. president obama said the purpose of this mission is to back the united nations and stop him from killing his own people. >> we are going to make sure we stay to that mandate. >> what's the objective? what's the plan? >> supporting levels may be the same ones who fought american soldiers in iraq. >> we do not have a clear picture of who the opposition is. >> the arab world says they are getting mixed messages. >> what's the purpose of the no-fly zone? is it just to degrade him or to remove him. >> attacks by the military in libya continue. >> president obama is talking to the arab nations. >> and speaking out about the president's decision to not seek congressional approval for the attacks in libya. president obama made the same mistakes his former presidents george bush and clinton said this is particularly ironic because he
for images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action. >> president obama said the u.s. was not in imminent danger, our values were at stake. he stopped short of trying to force muammar gaddafi out. >> if we tried to -- will likely have to put u.s. troops on the ground. >> not an option. instead, hillary clinton is in london today, meeting with countries who want to see a new government in libya. pressure gaddafi to step down on his own. >> we tied up his financial assets. we have an embargo. he is getting weaker all the time. >> some say the president should have consulted congress first. nato takes over tomorrow. libya takes center stage in the lot -- in the fight for freedom. what about other countries like yemen that are facing similar uprisings? the president said wherever people want to be free, they will find a friend in the united states. tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think the president was effective in conveying his message? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or se
on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> the u.s. military says charter flights are leaving half fall from japan. many families have decided to stay. low levels of radiation have been detected in tokyo and beyond. tracie potts is in washington with the very latest. >> 600 americans are stuck north of sendai. the u.s. is sending in buses to get them. >> we're bringing in all available resources. we will protect american citizens who may in harm's way. >> not much has changed at the nuclear plant. it could take weeks to get the situation under control. the u.s. is now starting to collect its own data. >> when the united states says to evacuate up to 50 miles, there is a sound reason for that. >> basic physics and science says there cannot be any risk or harm to anyone here in the united states. >> few americans have boarded flights from japan. those who are coming home are being tested. >> we're screening passengers and cargo if there happens to be even a blip in terms of radiation. >> the fallout here at home. general motors is shutting down a plant because of a parts shortage from japan. nearly
. >> questions like whether we will handguns to rebels. and how much the u.s. will be involved after nato takes over. >> we will begin to diminish the commitment of resources. >> president obama is supposed to play out the plan. he said muammar gaddafi needs to go. secretary of state hillary clinton meets in london tomorrow with countries that want to ease him out. >> now is a time to get out of this. >> lawmakers cannot agree if the u.s. can go after him. >> the only accessible way is for gaddafi to go. >> we should not have brittle dictators remain in power. >> to people in libya cannot remove their dictator. >> congress also concerned about the price tag, now near $1 billion. how long should the no-fly zone over libya last? for now, no one knows. tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you support the president's libyan defense policy? you can share your response at and on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> japan said sea water contamination may have spread longer than first thought. the crisis
. manufacturing in the u.s. has been healing the economic recovery. stock futures are under pressure this morning as the full magnitude of the events in japan are starting to hit home. on friday, we saw gains for industrial companies. u.s. companies coming up with ways to make it easier to donate money to help japan. you can donate on itunes. you can make $10 donations under cell phones. users can send a text message and select one of 10 charities ranging from the red cross to the salvation army. i'm jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> jane, thank you. we'll see you back here at 6:15 for your next report. >> two major items are going down in price. we'll tell you what that is. >> that sounds good. thank you. >> 5:21. 39 degrees on tv hill. coming up, we'll get another look at your morning commute with traffic and weather together. >> an annual procedure for millions of women in the u.s. -- the yearly mammogram. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. would you change your bank if it suddenly imposed a ceiling on your debit card purchases? you ca
, germany is suspending some nuclear operations. the u.s. is moving forward. >> it remains a part of the present's overall energy plant -- of the president's energy plan. >> if mother nature decides to strike, we'll have big problems. >> bridges and overpasses collapsed during earthquakes. >> the white house broaden someone for reassurance. >> we believed nuclear plants operate safely. >> american nuclear plants are tsunami is angned some memorie earthquake's. >> we cannot tolerate any possibility of another chernobyl or another meltdown. >> eight u.s. warships have pushed back amid concerns of leaking radiation. they are still delivering aid. >> there will continue to do so until there's some stabilization. >> four new reactors are up for approval this year. tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> our coverage of the disaster in japan continues online ad . take our online survey. do you feel nuclear-powered is safe? >> cluster people are recovered after an accident involving a medic unit. skyteam 11 was over the scene west pratt and south payson streets. two of the four inju
in the u.s. >> the last 50 workers fled the nuclear plant to escape a huge burst of radiation. >> they have to continue to try. >> officials say 70% of the fuel rods are damaged. 107 miles away in tokyo, residents are leaving despite the surge is that radiation levels are not yet harmful. >> low levels now but we do not know what it will be like tomorrow. is back upnikkei today. >> uncertainty has taken over the markets right now. >> , response the nuclear regulatory commission to explain if our nuclear plants could withstand a 9.0 earthquake. >> we have to make sure that all the bad actors in the industry are sorted out very quickly. >> the government continues to assure americans that radiation levels here are safe. but that has not stopped their run of potassium iodide. one retailer says he has a backlog of 3000 orders. tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> many of us in the u.s. are remembering the incident that took place at three mile island. the power plant had a malfunction in 1979. the plant had a partial core meltdown. gas was released into the atmosphere. 150,000 people were evacuate
prior to enrollment and that they are trying to become u.s. citizens. >> another bill of curbing the use of plastic and paper grocery bags. customers would be charged 5 cents. a portion of the revenue would go to the chesapeake bay trust. >> plastic bags get into the water and are made from petroleum. a chemical product breaks down. it makes its way into our drinking water. >> i might run back and give banks the quest for some people, it is not convenient. sometimes 5 cents means a lot. >> leaders say they prefer a law that does not charge fees but the encourages customers to recycle. stores in violation would be slapped by fines for repeat violations. you can voice your opinion by leaving your comments on our website, you'll find details of details of big issues. click on "politics." lawmakers are no closer to a which would avert a government shutdown. >> kate amara has more on the story. good morning to you. >> the senate is scheduled to vote on arrival budget plans. house republicans get to work on another stopgap bill to avoid a government shutdown. >> it is time our frie
. that is the way you do a no-fly zone. >> muammar gaddafi threatens a bath of blood if u.s. or nato gets involved. >> thousands and thousands of people will be killed. if they intervene in our country. >> several u.s. warships move toward the region. hillary clinton said there may be a role for the military in relief efforts and evacuation. >> we're focusing on how we can get medical supplies and food into people who are in safe enough stones so that it can be delivered to assist them. >> so far 150,000 people have crossed libya's borders. this situation has hit a crisis point. kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thousands of protesters continue to demonstrate in yemen. people are demanding the ouster of the president. the president has been an a lot with the u.s. with the war on al qaeda. two protesters were shot and killed while demonstrating south of the capital. thousands of supporters in bahrain rallied. protests on the island nation has started to move away from the central square and into different parts of the city. they have demanded reforms. supporters of the government insist reforms resul
with the latest. >> u.s. officials say this transition will take place within days. possibly as early as tomorrow. a change of command. nato has agreed to take the lead in enforcing the no-fly zone over libya. >> all participating nations are working effectively together toward our shared goal. >> this is designed to prevent muammar gaddafi's airforce is from attacking rebels. u.s. warplanes will still lead some attacks. >> we have not decided whether we will take on the broader responsibility. >> the coalition continued unleashing more air strikes. french fighter jets hit a libyan aircraft on thursday in violation of the no-fly zone. coalition attacks have killed civilians. images of fires in funeral services were aired. the only civilian casualties here are the ones caused by gaddafi himself. >> they are threatening the lives of their own citizens. >> the pentagon said the u.s. will supply it logistical support as well. in washington, i am kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a major setback in japan as one unit of the troubled nuclear power plant may have been breached. a spokesperson said data sug
about the u.s. exit strategy. in the libyan capital, anti- aircraft fire lit up the sky once again. u.s.-led coalition forces continue to carry out air strikes. nato war ships are patrolling off libya's coasts. >> nato has completed the plans to help enforce the no-fly zone. >> the white house wants to have enough control of the military operation within days. >> the united states role is reduced because we have a broad base and national collation including arab states that belief in the same thing that we do. >> pressure is mounting on the administration from members of congress. john boehner demanded president obama outlined objectives. a statement from nancy pelosi st. u.s. participation is strengthened by consultation with congress. >> we cannot assume that americans say if the president says so, it must be right. >> of the president said u.s. ground troops will not go into libya. kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the house has passed a measure to restrict drilling for natural gas in western maryland pending the outcome of an instrumental study. the governor is trying to revive a bill
for four years. >> and reports surface the u.s. has stepped up intelligence operations within the north african country. kate amara joins us live from our washington bureau with the latest. good morning. >> there are reports this morning of c.i.a. operatives in libya and covert u.s. support for libyan rebels. >> c.i.a. operatives are on the ground in libya according to the associated press. they report they are likely in contact with rebel forces and they want to help rescue a crew member of an american fighter jet that crashed. reuters is reporting president obama authorizeded covert support for rebels and the white house is refusing to comment on intelligence matters. >> we're not ruling in or out legal assistance to the opposition. >> the army and rebels are on the minds of many. >> why haven't we made some plans or had some long-term plans before we went in there? and who is going to pick up the tab for all this? >> secretary robert gates and mike mullens will be back on the hill today testifying at the house and senate hearings on libya. both parties questioning the congressional a
. kate amara has more. >> good morning. as the u.s. considers military action against libya, hillary clinton hits capitol hill today. despite growing international pressure, muammar gaddafi stood his ground. he laughed and calls for him to step down. >> who would leave his homeland? why do leave by homeland? >> the leader said on rest is being caused by al qaeda. he denies using force against his own people. >> they love me. >> america's ambassador to the united nations called gaddafi delusional. >> when he can laugh and talk to international journalists while he is slaughtering his own people, it underscores how unfit he is to lead and how disconnected he is from reality. >> the pentagon said the u.s. military is moving air and naval forces closer to libya. >> making sure all options remain on the table for us. >> the international committee contemplates imposing a no-fly zone. >> it is time for gaddafi to go. >> secretary clinton said teams have been dispatched to libyas borders with tunisia and egypt. kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> protests continue against the government in the
in the u.s. among asian car makers with a 42% increase in sales. we continue to watch crude oil prices. it is trading just shy of $100 a barrel. it did touched $100 a yesterday as protest in iran jittery investors. stocks were lower yesterday. investors shrugging off the report on manufacturing. manufacturing was very strong. you just previewed apple's new ipad. verizon will stop offering the on limited data plan for the iphone as soon as this summer. date will switch to a tiered pricing plan -- they will switch to a tiered pricing plan. when you think of mcdonald's golden arches, you probably have not seen much of ronald mcdonald. ronald is playing left of -- is playing less of an ambassador world. mcdonald's is still the most valuable restaurant brand, according to consultants at interim brand. i'm jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. back to you. >> i understand some more about amazon making a move about one of its competitors. >> we're talking about google. this is a battle. amazon is opening its own app store. they are focusing on apps for the android phone. >> thank you. >> 3
security team. as the u.s.-led to war on libya continues, president obama is returning to washington earlier than planned. the administration focused on getting mail to take over. >> when this transition takes place, it will not be our planes maintaining the no-fly zone. >> the president has talked with his counterparts in britain and france. nato should have a role in the mission. president obama said this has made a difference. >> we will be able to say we have averted immediate tragedy. >> what appeared to be muammar gaddafi's first public appearance since the air strikes began. >> we will be victorious in this fight. we will not give up. >> he said libyans are laughing at the rockets. gaddafi forces continue to conduct tax -- attacks against civilians in. >> we will make him comply with the security council resolution. >> as nato members continued to work out command of the no-fly zone operation, nato did agree on a takeover -- a takeover of the arms embargo. kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> any word on the cost of combat for the u.s. in libya? >> there are some calculations from
by events outside of the control of our country. >> this week, the white house said tapping into the u.s. strategic petroleum reserve is one option on the table. in washington, i'm kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> meanwhile, emotions ran high in the house homeland security committee in washington on the radicalization of the american muslim community. congressman peter king from new york called the controversy hearing a logical response to the obama administration's urgent warnings of threats here in the u.s. however, muslim american representative keith ellison cautioned the muslim-american community should not be blamed for the actions of certain individuals, and when he talked about a 23-year-old first responder who died at the world trade center on 9/11, he became very emotional. >> his sacrifice is like to try to help others on 9/11. after the tragedy, some people tried to smear his character. solely because of his islamic faith. some people spread false rumors and speculated he was with the attackers because he was a muslim. but it was only when his remains were identified that thes
of trading today. international buyers including china now hold 90% of u.s. long- term treasurys as of december. shanghai is saying goodbye to barbie. mattel closing down its only barbie store in china. the company model the concept of the fancy american girls store. mattel did not give a specific reason why it is closing down. they are committed to developing the barbie brand in china. that is business. i'm jane king. reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. back to you. >> trying to keep a running tally. we are paying more for gasoline and groceries and, and. what is going up next? >> do not kill the messenger. leather prices are next on the list. simple supply and demand. i will explain. >> thank you. not easy to get rolling on a monday morning. the rest of the day could be shot and technology could be to blame. >> sleep is not a priority when you're in las vegas. it is the same reason many of us don't get enough sleep in our own homes. >> you begin to have a 24/7 culture of entertainment. these technologies have invaded tibet from. >> almost 2/3 of u.s. adults say they are not getting
on america's cost of participating in the no-fly zone. the military intervention so far has cost the u.s. about $550 million. most of that money has gone towards bombs. >> thank you. >> well, the maryland jockey club unveils its marketing campaign for the preakness. is based on a massive . cot. a modern twist on a centaur. the mascot follows last year's introduction of unlimited refill beer mugs. that brings us to our watercolor question of the date. what do you think of kegasus? you can share your response on or on our facebook page. did we see a picture? >> we did. >> what did he look like? >> he looked like a guy going like this, a guy going like this. look like he was partying. why some bp managers may face manslaughter charges after last year's oil well disaster. >> a california refinery lights up the sky. we will have details on the damage as we cover the nation. >> a live look at traffic. wilkins avenue. woman: my giant -- they're fantastic. i can't say enough about them. i can go in, get the things i need, and i know i'm saving money. why would i shop anywhere else? at
-fly zone. the u.s. military says the operation has succeeded in degrading mall marc gaddafi's air defenses. the u.s. will hand over control to other countries. >> wheels continue to support the coalition. we will have a military role in the coalition. >> the libyan government said dozens had been killed. in a speech, gaddafi says he is ready for a long war. >> even if we murder them, we will not die. you will die. >> the dictator himself is not a target. >> we're not going after gaddafi. >> the white house says president obama worked on shoring up support from arab leaders in the region. kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> our coverage continues on our website, you'll find photos and the latest on the clashes. click on link at the top of the home page. >> the house of delegates will vote on a state budget. the plant will raise fees by $67 million. fees with double for a vanity license plate. the title on a new car will increase. delegates have been trying to restore cuts to education and money taken from the state highway fund to balance the budget. >> new advice for parents for wh
on capitol hill to investigate radical muslims here in the u.s. >> from a hero to a bigot. tracy potts is in washington with a look at the controversy and what we can expect to hear on the withstand today. >> we have seen protests for and against congressman peter king who says most mocks are held by radical muslims. >> i'm aware of no cooperation to get leaders in the muslim community. >> the only muslim in congress will testify today along with relatives of two men believed to have been recruited. >> it is somethings that facing us and threatens our people. >> targeting one religious minority isn't the answer. >> we need to focus on individuals. >> a duke study found 40% of terror plots were with thwarted by those in the muslim community. >> now there's questions about king. he supported the i.r.a. in northern ireland. >> king said he just wanted to give the i.r.a. a place at the table during talks. >> well, prices at the gas pumps climbed higher and alternative forms of energy grow faster. the sales of motor cycles is rising. >> we ran out of product in the summer. back in 1979, in
to help evacuate foreigners from libya. he is not ordered u.s. warplanes to attack libyan warplanes that take off. -- groundingdafi's gaddafi's airforce. >> i think we could achieve a no-fly zone. >> it is not as simple as throwing up -- moving and aircraft carrier and deploying a bunch of planes. you have to take action to make sure you have year dominance of. >> action to eliminate the defenses. radar and missiles. action that president obama has not order. man, wbal-tvndles andman 11 news. >> so much more ahead -- >> including a look at one of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. good luck. >> the nfl gets elise 24 hours to work out a deal. they tapped on 24 more hours on to the bargaining agreement. both sides have until 11:59 tonight. they have been negotiating for a mediator.h the league has had labor peace since 1987. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked -- what are your thoughts on the labor dispute between the nfl football players and owners? >> k
report. good morning to you. >> some good news if you're looking for work. more u.s. companies plan to hire workers as soon as this spring. fewer employees expected to cut headcount. wells fargo on a hiring spree. looking to fill more than 1000 positions in washington, va., and maryland by the middle of may. looking atets, we're a higher start two things today. we had red arrows across the board yesterday. high oil prices and violence in libya. the chipmakers were downgraded yesterday. apple unveiled the new ipad. expects is the older ipads on the resale market. the purchase more than 2000 ipads from customers within hours of the announcement of the new ipad. bargain hunting is going upscale. online coupon companies are now pursuing buyers willing to spend hundreds and thousands on travel and luxury goods. there is a $10,000 coupon for a penthouse suite package at san francisco's fairmont hotel. i'm jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. back to you. >> we have had guests stations that have changed their prices are multiple times within one day. the airline industry is being affec
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23